Frequently Asked Questions

What is zkMakers mission?

What is zkMakers mission? The zkMakers protocol aims to address two primary challenges in the crypto ecosystem:
  1. 1.
    Establish a ZK Layer to enable trustless certification of trading activity (ZK Volume Proof) on exchanges via ZK-SNARKs.
  2. 2.
    Develop a Protocol Layer that promotes the adoption of the ZK Layer by generating yield and gamifying trading activity.

Where does trading activity take place?

Trading activity occurs on centralized and decentralized exchanges, not within the zkMakers platform.
Will zkMakers be able to read or store any sensitive data from its users? No, zkMakers does not store any sensitive user data, as all trading activity is encrypted using ZK-SNARKs technology.

Will zkMakers be able to read or store any sensitive data from its users?

No, zkMakers does not store any sensitive user data, as all trading activity is encrypted using ZK-SNARKs technology.
We never store any secret! That's the beauty of it.

How does zkMakers read the trading activity of a user?

The ZK-Oracle verifies the authenticity of trading activity by accessing it through API keys of integrated exchanges (CEXes) or wallet authentication (DEXes). After processing the trades, the ZK-Oracle generates an encrypted proof of the volume and/or liquidity generated by the user and submits it to the smart contract.

I am a trader. Is zkMakers made for me?

Absolutely! zkMakers is designed to reward traders who generate volume and liquidity in any listed token pair.

I am a crypto project owner or representative. Is zkMakers made for me?

Yes! You can create a reward pool in the zkMakers dMarket Making Marketplace with your token pair and place rewards to attract traders that will generate volume and/or liquidity for your token.

Can I create a pool if my token is deployed on another chain?

Absolutely! The trading activity takes place on the corresponding exchange (outside of the zkMakers platform), so the chain your token is deployed on doesn't impact this. You can place rewards using the chains supported by zkMakers (currently BNB Smart Chain).

I am a representative of a crypto exchange. Is zkMakers made for me?

Yes! You can create pools specific to your exchange in the dMarket Making Marketplace to attract new traders, generate real volume and liquidity, and earn fees from their trading activity.

Can I use zkMakers to certify volume on DEXs?

Yes, zkMakers can certify volume from both CEXes and DEXes. However, you won't be able to certify liquidity in AMMs. Orderbook DEXes will allow you to certify liquidity in the near future.

Can I use zkMakers to certify liquidity on DEXs?

Yes and no. In AMM DEXes, you won't be able to certify your liquidity. However, you can provide liquidity and certify it in Decentralized CLOB systems.

Why zkMakers is using Zero-knowledge technology?

zkMakers is using zero-knowledge technology in order to protect all sensitive data from users.
This technology allows zkMakers to verify that an statement is true without revealing its content. Therefore, zkMakers protocol is able to certify the trading activity of every user without revealing their sensitive personal or financial data.

What does the term "ZK-Oracle" represent?

The zero-knowledge oracle is the actor responsible for generating the ZK Volume Proofs. It reads the trading activity through the API keys of an user and then sends the certification to a zkMakers Smart Contract without revealing sensitive information.

How are rewards distributed in the zkMakers protocols?

The ZK-Oracle assigns points to each user according to the volume or liquidity generated. More trading = more points.
The zkMakers smart contracts get the proof of the ZK-oracle and is designed to assign the rewards to every user according to the number of points they have. More points = more rewards.
Basically, the more volume or liquidity is generated by a trader, the more rewards will be earning.
More info in Rewards​

What is an "epoch"?

An epoch is the term used to define the period of time in which pool rewards get updated.
1 epoch = 1 week

A pool already has rewards. Can I add more?

Yes, however the rewards you are adding will be effective for the next epoch.

What are the benefits of adding more rewards to a pool?

If the amount of rewards is increased for a pool, the more attractive will become for traders as it will be more profitable.

Is zkMakers audited?

In January 2023, zkMakers' undergone a positive assessment in the audit conducted by, achieving a total score of 8.2.
The report highlights the platform's documentation and code quality, along with a strong security score of 9 out of 10, marking another milestone in our commitment to providing a reliable and secure platform.
Click here for more information.

How can I set up the API keys?

Please, check this guide.

Does zkMakers have its own native token?

Yes, the zkMakers token is ZKM. Its launch is planned for June 2023.

How is zkMakers governed?

zkMakers is a DAO, owned and governed by the vZKM token holders. If you stake ZKM you will be able to obtain vZKM to get voting power for new proposals.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees for Traders, they can certify their trading activity with no direct costs from zkMakers, however, they will need to pay gas fees for certifying.
For Promoters there are variable and affordable fees for placing rewards in reward pools. Please check the fees article.

Any plans on turning zkMakers into multichain?

Yes, currently we are deployed on BNB Smart Chain, but we will be integrating other chains over the time.

Will zkMakers integrate other exchanges?

Yes. zkMakers has integrated Binance, Kucoin,, Uniswap and Pancakeswap during testnet, and we will be integrating more exchanges over the time.