zkMakers protocol is the decentralized approach that aims to serve projects finding liquidity and volume. It is designed to provide market makers and liquidity providers with an efficient, decentralized, and transparent platform for creating reward pools that algorithmically incentivize liquidity provision. The protocol aims to address the challenges and inefficiencies of traditional market making by leveraging the power of zero-knowledge proofs and smart contract technology.

Zero Knowledge Reward Pools (ZKRP)

Zero Knowledge Volume Pools are a key feature of the zkMakers Protocol, designed to incentivize trading activity on a given asset on supported exchanges. By participating in Volume Pools, market makers or individual traders can earn rewards for their contributions to the protocol's overall liquidity and market depth.

Types of ZKRP

Volume only reward pools

  • Liquidity only reward pools
Reward Pools that help to incentivize users to actively participate in the market by placing orders that contribute to improved liquidity. To encourage this behavior, the rewards system is structured as follows:
  • The closer an open order is to the current market price, the higher the points earned by the user. This promotes placing orders that are more likely to be filled, thus contributing to enhanced liquidity.
  • The longer an open order remains active, the more points a user earns. This incentivizes users to maintain their orders in the market, which provides consistent liquidity over time.
  • Volume and Liquidity reward pools
  • PnL pools reward pools